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An evil too exquisite to resist...

Si.vm e.t Av.V.M. Silence is Golden

Sic Lucreat Lux Thus let the light shine
30 September
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So when my name is called, I will stand proud and hold my chin up high. I will walk up to that stage and take that microphone in hand. I will blow every single bloody person out of the water. I will speak clear, and let everyone hear my message. And when I am done, I will take a bow of pride, not shame or embaressment. I will step down from that stage, holding my head high with a smile of joy on my face. Joy that I could share this little bit of me with so many people, in so little time. And even if they don't understand it, even if they don't want it, that is their perogative. Because I WILL be proud and firm and convincing. I WILL let the people hear my message, and true, I may start to cry, but my tears will bring the message home. My tears will not interrupt or detract. I am MoonWolf. Hear me howl.